Together, we improve organizational health

We endeavor to evoke a sense of social responsibility amongst our employees, encouraging them to volunteer their time and resources to support our CSR initiatives. For us, it is always about creating a 'caring & sharing' culture and contributing towards social causes, which helps establish pride in association with the organisation and what we do. This, along with employee rewards and recognition programmes, talent and performance initiatives as well as continuing education modules, improves the overall organisational health.

Together, we establish new partnerships for new progress

As a credible business entity, our efforts are towards embracing the spirit of partnership, which advocates mobilizing action that will foster a progressive environment, also conducive to sustainable and livable communities. At UMLand, we collaborate with many charitable organisations and foundation; international bodies such as the Global Environment Centre; local councils, associations and regulatory authorities; NGOs and civil society to efficiently implement philanthropic, CSR programmes and activities.

Together, we propagate ecoliving concepts and solutions

Beyond brick-and-mortar solutions, we promote the need as well as relevance of building eco-friendly communities. Our Eco living campaigns drive causes that will determine the future of our world from reducing carbon footprint through various green initiatives to preserving age-old plant species; from conservation of water and other natural resources to promoting recycling and reuse options; from educating members of the community on environmentally friendly practices to advocating green lifestyles. We are also promoting green lifestyles and initiatives through our projects with environment-friendly features and facilities.

Together, we build customer loyalty

Our business focus and intent, when delivering product and service solutions, is to build customer or stakeholder' loyalty for our brand. Through continuous innovations and outreach programmes, our endeavor is to create an eco - system that ensures long-term viability. For the benefit of our customers i.e. to educate them and raise awareness, to provide a platform to understand their expectations, and to improve our service-delivery mechanism through continuous engagement; we organise many networking events, customer appreciation programmes, visitations and familiarisation trips, festive and fun gatherings etc.

Together, we embrace new technology

We understand that as the future shapes many urban conurbations and agglomerations, technology will play a crucial role in helping build smart and connected communities - business and social. Therefore, in developing our flagship properties, we work with Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) for deployment and provision of high-speed broadband (HSBB) network infrastructure and services. The idea is to introduce Smart Home Concept that is built to enhance connectivity through various digital applications. In other words, it is within our intention to provide more than just a shelter i.e. a modern home equipped for the future. "Technology will be a fundamental component of all lifestyles of the future.